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In the age of the open office plan, the noise and bustle of the workplace is something that you’ve got used to. While it’s great being able to bounce ideas off your peers, it’s not always perfect for your needs. What if you need to hold a meeting, or just want to get away from the main floor and really concentrate for an hour or two? Then double glazed glass partitions Manchester are going to be the answer. Here’s why you should consider them for your office.

The Evolution Of Office Design

Double-Glazed-Partitions-ManchesterThe layout of the average office has changed a lot over the years. When they were first introduced, they would feature rows of desks that all employees would sit at. These became individual cubicles in the 80’s, when employees were given their very own spaces to work in.

While having that extra space worked well for them, employees often found that the cubicles were actually rather isolating. It was hard to get input from their colleagues when they needed it. The cubicles didn’t even offer a sound barrier, as the walls didn’t reach to the ceiling.

Because of this, there was a shift in the modern era to open plan offices. This allowed employees to work together easily, and everybody could be in touch with others as they worked. It made working a much more communal affair, but in reality the pendulum had swung too hard the other way. There was no opportunity to work individually in a quieter environment, something that all members of the office will need at some point.

Because of this, business owners have been looking for something that offers the best of both worlds. You want your employees to have the quiet space to work, but you don’t want them to be isolated from the rest of the office. That’s where double glazed glass partitions Manchester come in.

The Benefits Of Using Glass Partitions In The Office

If you want an office that has all the benefits of cubicles and open plan layouts, then you want to look into glass partitions. These will help you mix things up and make the office much easier to work in.

The joy of the partitions is that they make working much more flexible. Need to work with others and hammer something out? You can sit out in the open plan sections of the office and do so. Need to find somewhere quieter, to make a phone call or just really focus for a while? Then you can offer glassed in areas that make it easy to do so.

The double glazed glass helps dampen sound considerably, much like your average window does. It’s amazing how much sound they can actually cut out once you shut the door behind you. Just a few partitions and you’ll be able to get to work without interruption.

While you’re getting that quiet time that you’d want from a cubicle, you’re not dealing with the same isolation. As you have glass partitions rather than walls, you can see everything that’s happening outside. It’s amazing how much employees appreciate this. They don’t have to be cut off while they’re working.

There’s lots of benefits to using double glazed glass partitions Manchester in your office. It certainly makes your office more flexible and easy to work in.

How To Use Glass Partitions

You’ve seen why glass partitions are essential in the modern office. How can you use them in your workplace though? If you’re willing to think creatively, you can do all kinds of things with them.

Most commonly, business owners use them to create meeting and breakout spaces. They can be put almost anywhere, so you can have those spaces in the place that makes the most sense for you. After all, you can’t block light through the rest of the office with glass.

Want to do something a bit different? You can create quiet hot desking spaces, individual work zones, or even break areas with glass partitions. Why not think outside of the box?

There’s so many ways you can use double glazed glass partitions Manchester. Get in touch now and we can walk you through how they would work in your space.

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