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Single Glazed Acoustic Glass Partitions Manchester

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Single Glazed Acoustic Glass Partitions Manchester are the newest thing in office design, and with good reason. They give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to office design, and you can create the space that you need. Single glazed acoustic partitions Manchester are just what you want, whether you want to really change up the look of your office or just need to modernise it. How can you use them in your office?

Why Glass Partitions?

Single glazed acoustic partitionsFirstly, why should you look into glass partitions for your office? There’s no end of options when it comes to creating the perfect office for your business. Modern glass partitions will help you look up to date and create an amazing first impression, that’s for sure. Take a look at other offices, and you’ll see them creating incredible modern looks with just a few panels.

You also have the choice of using straight or curved glass panels, too. This gives you even more flexibility when it comes to your office look. Many like curved panels, are they have a softer edge. It’s amazing how much the design of your office will have an effect on those who work there. The curved glass edges make the whole office feel a lot friendlier, which improves morale by more than you’d think.

The most common reason for choosing glass panels, though, is because they allow light through when walls can’t. That gives you more freedom to place them wherever you’d like. It certainly makes it easier to plan out a renovation when you can put the walls exactly where they need to go.

With all these reasons in mind, you can see why so many are choosing single glazed acoustic glass partitions Manchester.

How To Use Glass Partitions? 

So lots of businesses are using glass partitions, but how should you use them? Every business is different, and has different needs. For example, you may need lots of individual spaces for workers who handle a lot of phone calls during the day. Maybe you have lots of teams that works on different things, and they need space to work on their projects without interruption or bothering other teams.

Keep your office’s needs in mind when you’re considering how you can use single glazed acoustic glass partitions Manchester. Here’s a few ways they can be used, so you can see what can be done.

Individual offices or workspaces: This is the most common reason why glass partitions are used. No matter who’s using the offices, they don’t want to be separated from the rest of the office. In a glass walled office, they can see what’s happening on the floor without being bothered by noise. The sound dampening capabilities also make it easy for meetings to happen in the office too.

Team pods: If your employees consist of several different teams, then you may want to look into creating pods for them to work in. This is easily done with glass partitions, and it gives you the best of both worlds in office design. The teams aren’t cut off from one another, as they can see through the glass to the rest of the floor. With the door closed though, you’ll find they can work in their own closed environment, free of distractions. 

Reception area: One way many businesses are using  glass partitions is by creating reception areas with them. They are perfect for sectioning off a reception and waiting area away from the office proper. If you have visitors coming in a lot, then a proper reception area walled in with glass partitions is going to make an excellent first impression.

Meeting areas: This is another common use for glass partitions. Most offices need meeting rooms that allow you to get together and hold meetings, discuss projects and more. Glass partitions are great for this, again because they dampen sound and make it easy for you to get to work without disturbance. If you want to create dedicated meeting spaces, this is the way to go.

 There are all sorts of ways you can use single glazed acoustic glass partitions Manchester. Whether you need new offices made, or a new reception area for your business, give us a call. We can help you achieve your goals and create what you need.

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